Monochrome Lagos – Team

Oluwamuyiwa Logo
Photographer and Filmmaker Logo Oluwamuyiwa graduated from Lead City University, Ibadan in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science. After the mandatory one year National Youth Service he enrolled for a 3 week crash course from a skill acquisition seminar facilitated by Bayo Omoboriowo (photographer). After a year and eight months as a business development officer in CMB Ltd -a real estate firm- he chose to eschew the traditional corporate ladder for a world of art and photography Setting out on his own he established himself as a formidable artist, shooting street action in his first major project: Monochrome Lagos (2015) . By exploring aspects of visual and digital archiving that show and expose the idiosyncrasies and aesthetics of the city Lagos. He is an advocate for positive and rich storytelling via the digital media as a tool for reorientation and pathways to new dialogue and knowledge acquisition that create a seamless balance between the world of technology, art and new media. Voracious and inquisitive, he negotiates his chosen and beloved subject - Lagos -with astuteness. His rich portfolio on a single subject helped build his visual aesthetics which revolve around narrative and documentary style photography with intermittent bouts of conceptual elemental infusions via poetry, collage and digital manipulations. Logo was in London for his first Solo exhibition and a month arts residency with the Future Assembly (2016). He was in Manila, the Philippines for a short residency where he developed his new series “Elephant in The Room”. He was also part of the Gated Communities workshop (2015), first in Manila and then in Lagos. Logo has shown in selected exhibitions like “Lagos: Hustle & Hope(2015) at the Rele Gallery, Lagos; Young Contemporaries (2016) also at the Rele Gallery, Down the Rabbit hole saloon exhibition at the Alara Concept store, Lagos (2016), Call & Response exhibition at the Art Clip Africa gallery, Lagos, Bozar Art Festival, Brussels (2016). He lives and work in Lagos, Nigeria and is also a member of the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Nigeria.
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Afopefoluwa Ojo currently works as a freelance developer and writer. She designed the Monochrome Lagos website and also edited the Monochrome Lagos Photobook. She is passionate about arts and technology and loves to work on projects that explore, push and break boundaries between the two. Afopefoluwa is also co-founder of Arts and Africa.
Mario Grenada
Mario Merino is a graphic designer based in Granada, Spain. Mario recently graduated from Escuela Arte de Granada with a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia Design. Mario describes himself as one who likes to have fun doing his work. He is impassioned by brand design, and his clean design style can be seen throughout his work. Mario currently lives and works as an Art Director and specialist in Editorial Design in Madrid. His latest design work is the Monochrome Lagos Photobook.