A closed gate of painted designsBack of a person opposite an ad bannerTwo men in a busA man stands close to mannequins bound togetherSilhouettes of people behind the railing of a bridgeSilhouette of a cat on a roofPeople in a canoe out on the open seaA wide shot of a high building and landscape sceneryA woman getting on to a busA man pees from atop a bridgeA man on bicycle and two vehicles on the motorway in front a wide buildingThree men behind a see through curtainA man in a bus seen through the bus windowSilhouette of a man's back and a woman holding a cigarette and a can drinkLateral shot of a standing big manHead shot a young personA man wearing a baseball hat facing backwards holds a cigarette, staring awayA vehicle tyre against the wall behind a metal poleA young man sits with head bowedA vehicle windowLateral shot of a woman with arms crossed over her bosomA window covered with patchesNight shot of a man seated under a big umbrellaA cluster of people standing inside a BRT busA girl stands behind a see through gateA man bent over a Bagco bag A man stands behind a display of mirrors and other waresA man seated on a bike on the highwayA group of palm treesA man in a walking posture A road sign  and a vehicle at an intersectionA boy bended sideways on a surf board on the foamy seaA mobile tank and pipesA boy on a surf board in the foamy seaThe interior of a vehicle from the backA man in a walking posture holding a carrier bagA tent far behind a high buildingOutdoor shot of a walking boy and two men with loads on their headA woman stands amidst plantsA woman leans her head against the back of a chairA puddle of water framed by the rods of a gateA man stands mid entrance to a long busA glass wall showing the reflection of standing peopleA woman stands beside the open door of a shopPortrait of a woman wearing eye glassesThree people in a boat far out on an open water bodyTwo people at the wavy and foamy shore of the seaA man seats laterally opposite two vehiclesMotorcycles on motion on the highwayA piece of hanging cloth and the shadow of a person on the wallLateral portrait of a man A man in a bus leans his arm on the window sill A man holds a woman leaning on him by the waist