A seated man asleep at the foot of a fenceA vehicle mirror and its reflections against a scenery of trees and a buildingA shot of boy through a glassA reflection of a woman getting off a bike shown in a puddle of waterThe shadows of standing peopleOverhead shot of a man outside an occupied Danfo busA queue of people at a bus stop beside a long busA seated girl clad in Hijab looking sidewaysHead shot of a bald man with eye glasses perched on his foreheadA parked bus close to a high smoke expellantOverhead shot of a man framed by three cables on the poleA hand splayed on a concrete floorA woman with a bowl on her head poses with arms akimboA person's hand on the dusty back windscreen of a carBanners of bridal pictures and photographyA pair of feet stand on a tangled cable wireHalf part of a barricade and a mural under a bridgeTwo women and a man walk along a sidewalkFour people cross a highway in oppposite directionsOverhead shot of an electric pole and parked Danfo busesA stumped tree trunk below a wobbly aluminium and plywood fenceA man with head turned at an angle directly to the cameraA hand holds the stub of a cigaretteHalf torso of a woman holding a little child by the handHeadlights and the silhouette of a man in the darkThree people lean on a closed gateA man's portrait behind artificial flowersBack windscreen of a Danfo busA shot of the top of a mosque and satellite dishes on a roofSilhouttes of a cluster of people in front a windowTwo men seated in front of a car seen through the glass of the passenger doorThe shadows of three people on the floorA cluster of four men and other people around at a round sidewalkOverhead shot of a man cleaning shoes at a shoe shopOverhead shot of vehicles, men on bike and other peopleA beanie clad head faces a pasted paper of written numbersA person has their hands splayed on a drum in a circle of crowdBack shot of a boy holding a bible to the backA half torso, half head and half shoulder of three men shot in one frameA pair of hands hold the steering of a motocycle on motionA man holds and stands with an array of starched shirts on the pavementA man stands on a machinery in front of a buildingHalf shot of a person behind the ledge of a bridgeA man opposite a woman points to the interior of a busA full bus of passengersA woman seated in a bus has her eyes on a phone she holdsA large puddle of water showing reflections of peopleA pool of water on a motorway amidst a car and two wheel barrowsA pool of water on a motorway amidst a car and two wheel barrowsOverhead shot of a littered roof beside a staircaseA man pushes a cart up a pedestrian bridgePeople going in opposite directions along a sidewalkA row of seven hung flags on polesHalf torsos of a seating woman and a standing woman on a tarred roadA young man and stacks of sacks of soap at the back of a truckA pair of legs stand close to a cluster of big stonesOverhead shot of electric cables and two men belowReflection of a woman's head in a steel plateHalf head of a man and a hand stretched high holding a bottleA man along the rail of a motorway beside some buildingsUpclose shot of an oil surfaceThe reflection of two standing men in a puddle of oilA boy holds the curtain to an interior ajarOverhead shot of a man under an opened umbrella in the rainSide portrait of a man in front of a poster-polluted wallA woman with two facial marks balances a bowl on her headA man and woman walk together in the middle of the roadA woman stands behinds a car in the middle of a motorwayWorkers on a high construction of metal rodsPortrait of a man whose face is shaded by a face capAn almost bare back of a womanUpclose head shot of a man with a mole above his upper lipSide portrait of a grinning manTwo erected poles holding road signages platesA man sits with his head bowedA cluster of people around and under a big umbrellaA young man at the back of a truck balances a sack on another man's head below himPrinted photographs laid out on the floorA woman's hand holds a bowl containing Scotch bonnet pepperHead shot of a woman with two facial marksHead shot of a woman with two facial marksA man leans against a vehicle and raises two fingers in a pose