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Monochrome Lagos Community

Monochrome Lagos Zone(ML Zone) is the IRL and URL space where more can happen while still staying on the matter. It will be a community, an exhibition channel, sales portal - an even more immersive experience for creators and enthusiasts who share and appreciate the vision. 

Over the years
Designed as a digital archive but somehow made it to the galleries, private collections, shortlists and awards. Monochrome Lagos was always about peeling back the veneer and asking what if?

We once asked - what if we tell the audience to send in thoughts and literature around preferred images from the archive?

This birthed VOL 1 of the Monochrome Lagos Digital Photo Book and VOL 2 in collaboration with Arts And Africa. We will reach out soon for more volumes; your thoughts, our thoughts, together on the subject - What if we strip Lagos; our darling Lagos or our dreadful Lagos?

These opinions, these experiences unites us for sure in a way and that is the essence of a community.

For our IRL  active community action moving forward: we will have photo walks, strategic partnerships and collaboration with brands, party pop up in forms of exhibitions at your favorite venues and events, please holla, take a photo or short video whenever you see us!

Our local community

Join, share and engage with our growing community to gain access to more exclusive content and info on the photowalk events, NFTs, merchandise and more print collections

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Digital Book

"Fam, Lagos is the shit! Lagos is that place I want to plant myself" - Immaculata Abba


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