Two young men and a ball between two tyresMany handbags and school bags are hung around a man's neck and armsAn expanse view of sandy shore, many people, few buildings and a bit of the sea. A man holding a bottle of beer stands backing two refrigerators A woman is seated behind a boli stand holding a currency note. Upclose shot of a bundle of brooms balanced with one hand on a man's headA boy pushes a cart containing big kegs and a funnel on the road with another man behindUpclose portrait of an old man wearing a striped suit and patterned tiePortrait shot of two smiling boys from behind a half opened window in a barber's shop.Upclose shot of a young boy with his side slightly facing the camera and a finger in each earA man stands in front a restaurant with his thumbs in his pockets. A man pushes a Nescafé coffee cart on the street. Upclose shot of a boy with long and uneven dreadsA street shot of a man balancing a blackhead sewing machine with a pillow on one shoulderShot of a man atop the sea in a boat spreading out his fishing net A man's torso rests against the door of a shop with the drawing of a whole chicken on a scale. Shot of a man carrying two crates of bottles on his head and a banner of church activities on his far sideA woman in a short dress poses on a rock by the shoreThree men and a woman are heading in different directions on a bridge above waterA view of two men with one pushing a cart and a wide commercial building adjacent to the road.A stage captured from the side with four standing mics and a performer blurred by smoky stage effects. A smiling Fanmilk vendor man poses with his aluminium cart on the streetShot of a man in front of shrubs with a bound basket of slippers and cobbler tools balanced on his headA side shot of a young man's portrait with low cut hair looking downcastA shot of three children all on low cut lined according to their heightHead shot of a bald man with his face hidden in a maskA stack of books arranged haphazardly with the biggest of them with a Hitler inscription on the sideTwo men stretch out their hands in greeting from inside an old Danfo. A group of boys playing football on a tarred roadThree men sit and lean on a verandah with a big lit globe on its ledgeSide portrait of a man with hollow cheeks, receding hairline and a forehead boil smoking a cigaretteA wide shot of the sea surface level and a spread of tall buildings on the other side.A topless man and a boy fish on the sea. A man dressed in dirty polo and Ankara pants looks away as he jacks up a car. Back shot of a man in T-Shirt and shorts standing on rocks and letting down his net by the sea sideSide head shot of a quizzical-looking man with a cleft chin, receding hairline and sprinkling of beardsShot of the upper torso of a laughing middle aged man wearing a stripped polo shirt whose collar is askewA faraway shot of a boy about to kick a ball on an open space in the rainA cats sits behind a standing man who stands akimbo and leans on a corrugated iron building.A man dressed in cleric outfit holds an iron gate ajar with both hands as he looks out expectantlyA shot of a sitting old man with a mug and spoon on a stool adjacent to him perusing the newspaperA Hijab clad girl holding a polythene bag stands on a slab culvert on the street. Shot of a man's bowed head coated in soap suds and another hand with small knife shaving his hairOverhead shot of a suburb neighborhood with hanging clothes, stacks of plastic and three women in the frameHead shot of a man with low cut hair and a moustache wearing big sun shades A shot of an array of people at the seashore captured in the middle of various activitiesAn empty walkway like a garden beneath the bridge, dots of buildings far away and the open skyShot of an uncompleted edifice and a man carrying a basket on his head passing byShot of a woman's midriff to her calves wearing a bumshot leaning on a pillar and a boy behindOverhead of a woman sitting cross-legged on a bench in a patio surrounded by shrubs and a treeUpclose shot of praying beads and a blurred out woman sitting in Islamic posture of prayer behindA shot of a big puddle in a drizzling rain as two people, each with an umbrella, pass byHeadshot of a man wearing a raffia hat secured with a rope to his chinShot of the top part of an old building and an old man sitting in its balcony Non smooth sand hill with the sky as backdropPortrait of a young girl poutingSide shot of a man in pants, singlet and face cap sitting on and bathed in sandStreet shot of a man and a boy pushing a cart with Pepsi logo and another man beside themFaraway shot of the logo and inscription of RCCG, a church framed by a suspended tyreA wide shot of reefs on the sea surface and a long stretch of bridge farawayShot of the top front of a mosque against the skyA little sand house and a used paper cup lying beside itA long stretch of sand hills and three people in the frame against the skyA shot of waves of foams on the seaSide shot of a woman with Shuku hairstyle seated behind a sewing machine at workUpclose shot of a man's cleanly shaved face with his eyes squeezed shutShot of a man's portrait and a barber's hands shaving off his moustache with a mini knifeA focused shot of a woman carrying a bowl containing four bottles of drinks on her headThree pairs of legs in a frenzy chasing a ballA man stands by the waterside among sand dunes and two people away from himSide portrait of a woman wearing the local shuku hairstyle with ear and neck adorned with jewelleryPortrait of the upper torso of two boysA faraway headshot of boy amidst blurrinessA suspended tyre obscures the head of a woman with back turned opposite a parked carBack shot of a man carrying adornments sitting on the sea shoreBack portrait shot of two boysA shot of a man standing akimbo and leaning on an electric pole taken from inside a busA woman looking out from behind the windscreen in the back seat of a carA toddler in the passage of a house framed by two outside poles and a clock overheadShot of a boy bending behind a big tyre and framed by itA vulcanising machine and a half portrait of a man sitting behind itPortrait of a young man pushing an ice cream cart Two young girls, one clothed and wearing a local hairstyle and the other topless with her hair unplaited.A man balances two cans with each tied to a short pole on his shouldersHeadshot of a boy against a scenery of the sky, sandhill and waterAn upward sweeping shot of a high building of many storeysA shot of a flag and men on the streets taken from behind a windshieldSide shot of a man's head and a pair of hands with a small knife shaving his nostrilsA man pushing a cart of many filled jerry cans A stretch of sand hills interspersed with water and peopleA wide expanse of water, buildings and faraway bridgeA street shot of electrical connections against the sky