A two in one building with banners all over the front wall of eachSilhouettes of people descending a pedestrian bridgeOverhead shot of a woman standing with one leg to an anglePairs of legs of a woman and two men in a walking postureAn outdoor gathering of men and some musical instrumentsA wide shot of an empty beach captured against the skyTwo men apart beside a metal see-through fenceLight focused on a wooden cross in the darkA man with a smartphone raised in selfie modeOverhead shot of two wet motor ways and vehicles Strands of synthetic hair tied up on a stoolEmpty chairs and tables outdoorsA topless man stands in front of a column of parked carsMannequin heads wearing wigs and a standing woman braiding hairA woman looks out from inside a vehicleThe head of a slaughtered cow on the floorSilhouettes of two people seated in a vehicleA woman in a walking posture balances a tray of bread loaves on her headA man stands between two gates opened ajarAn open market display of Mackerels and another type of fishBack head of a man in a car wearing an embroidered capA woman captured from behind a glass doorOverhead shot of people and vehicles captured behind the railings of a bridgeA puddle of water and a pair of feet on the other side of a tarred roadHeadshot of a woman wearing shades, long hair and nose piercing.Outdoor display of wares and peopleThree people going up the stairs of a pedestrian bridgeA man stands and a pack of empty food packs hangs in front of a shop Part of a building and people seen afar through a glass windowA person leans on to a metal railing in the shadowsBack shot of a man leaning on a bamboo pole at the beachA man in a bus and another outside seen through the bus windowA man stands with his hand at the back of his neckA woman with a hat-covered eyes and her shadow behind herBack shot of a man on a balcony looking out at other buildingsA woman looks out from the passenger window of a car in motionAn empty long busA cluster of women and a man on bike at a junctionThe lower torsos of two men on a walk, one wearing shoes and other on bare feet An basketball court with a crowd behind its barricadesA wide space with a building, long trailer and parked carsA shed and two lounge chairs at an empty beach A poster of voting instructions tied to the trunk of a treeOverhead shot of an umbrella providing shade for a man A mast towers behind two high buildingsHalf shot of a shelf showing three rows of booksOutdoor shot of a woman bent over a bowl and tray of smoked fishA woman sits apart from a parked Pajero jeep Two trailers beside each other in trafficA woman stands with shrubs and a thin tree beside a fenceShot of vehicles on motion taken from behind a barricade netA young man lays on his back asleep on a bent bicycleA woman sits before a cooking pot on fireUpclose shot of a man sitting on a bicycle laid flatA woman and a man in walking postures behind a long fenceA man sits on a bent bicycle with his head bowed on folded arms on his kneesA boy stands with a bicycle holding it uprightAn array of large pillars that hold up a bridgeOutdoor shot of a walking woman with a tray of bread loaves on her headTwo people at the entrance of an old long busTwo young men on bicyclesA dark shot of the side of a bridge against the skyAn unfocused shot showing frames of peopleA two-tiered pedestrian bridgeGroups of people scattered by the ledge of a bridgeA car and a man wearing a bucket on his head are apart on a tarred roadA pair of legs stands on a tiled floor of mismatched and broken tilesA two-tiered pedestrian bridge in the darkA man seated on the stairs of a pedestrian bridgeGlass shards erected on the rim of a fenceHalf part of a window of louvres, net and burglaryA mirror showing a man holding up a camera to his faceOverhead shot of a man at the open driver's door of a car beside a hedgeA person captured from thighs down in a walking posture holds a carrier bagOutdoor shot of a car, a man on bike and a man wearing a bucket on his headA queue at the side of a long busA woman holds a phone to her ear at a car parkOutdoor shot of a car, a man on bike and a man wearing a bucket on his headA queue at the side of a long busA woman holds a phone to her ear at a car parkBack shot of a woman garbed in a full HijabAn open concrete floor and few stonesA lot of concrete slabs beside a body of waterA boy rides on a big bicycleA watcher and a man poised to strike at a game of billiardSilhouettes of people up high on a place under constructionA man with a flying collar walks past a large pool of water on the roadA man on the lower staircase of a bridge carries a young girl on his shoulderNight shot of a cluster of young men on bicyclesAn old man holds on the steering wheel in a carA woman before a laptop and DJ console tablePeople on the ledge of a high place and tall buildings on their far sidePeople on the ledge of a high place and tall buildings on their far sideNight shot of people, chairs and tables in front of a low building with labels of Asun and ShawarmaA cluster of men gathered under a shedA long bus full of peopleA man, girl and dog stay apart under a shed at the beachA blurry shot of a car on motion among other vehiclesA man seated at the steering wheelFocus on a seated man among a cluster of menTwo men apart beside the ledge of a high placeA man seated at the steering wheelUpclose shot of a hand on the gear of a vehicleOverhead shot of a woman in a walking postureA long bus and a lorry beside each other on motorwayAn empty Danfo busAn empty Danfo busA man in front of shelves of fabrics spreads a piece of fabricA peep view of four pairs of feet below a metal sheetA spread of field and buildings seen from behind a see-through barricadeHeadshot of a young man looking out above a fenceOverhead shot of a surge of crowdSilhouette of a slender woman in a slant poseA man sits on the low fence in front of a houseMany foot prints scattered across the sandOutdoor back shot of a man wearing a T-shirt with the inscription: FIVE AND SIXA pedestrian bridgeA man bent  over a spread of paperTwo men and outside of and another man mid entrance into a lorry by the highway sideA large gathering of men standing and seated on motorcyclesA woman seated in the front passenger seat of a busPalm fronds hanging low from a shed on the beachHead shot of a woman in a bus with shuku hairstyleA man outdoors seen through the window of a busLateral shot of a parked luxurious busTwo women stand opposite each other apart from three other people far behind themBack of a woman clad in long Hijab facing another woman beside an old busGlass doors showing reflections and people in a building Overhead shot of a woman walking past an open glass doorA half full satchet of water raised to the light at nightHalf back shot of a manOutdoor shot of people and a rack of footwear along a row of shopsA young man leans both hands on a low thin ledgeA row of people's feet seen beneath a metal sheetPeople hang out their arms from the window of a long busOutdoor shot of an open part of a metal pole showing electrical wires A man on a pedestrian bridge balances a bound sack on his headSilhouettes of people standing on a high building under constructionA man on the roof of a houseA man seats on the contents of a loaded trailer on the highwayPortrait of a man wearing a hoodie sweatshirtBack of a Hijab-clad woman seated in a bus with a baby strapped to her backA man spreads out an Ankara fabric on himselfA trailer with an open roof showing the horns of the cows it carriesPeople and reflections seen through a glass doorKegs placed behind low plywood barricadesPeople walk in different directions on a sidewalkThe top two storeys of a house all painted and designed with Indomie brand colours and productsA dark shot of the interior of a carA taxi and a car on the motorway in front of two buildingsColumns and rows of vehicles on queue on the highwayA long queue of peopleAn arm holds out a phone horizontally in a selfie modeOutdoor shot of a man holding two boxes of land phones beside a jeepOutdoor shot of people in clusters under and around open umbrellasA woman in an overall sweeps on a tarred road with vehicles aheadThe dark interior of a high hall-like place and a man at its entranceChristmas lights hanging on a ceiling and a standing man's headA person's hand placed under a light and its shadow beneath itOutdoor shot of a busy street with vehicles and people walking in different directionsA man sits under a tree between a grassy area that divides two roadsAn outdoor shot of people, an untarred road between rows of buildings and vehicles parked.A large gathering of men standing and seated on motorcyclesA large gathering of men standing and seated on motorcyclesSide of a shop made with plywoodA tree and two men on a high motorwayA man mimicks a mannequin's posture in front of a shopOverhead shot of an intersection after the rainA house under construction held up by metal rodsA man carrying a mannequin descends a pedestrian bridgeA keg placed at the entrance to a houseA woman shot behind a barricade of big metal  rodsA man walks beside a windowless busA cluster of men in native long Buba and SokotoOverhead shot of a highway of five lanesA digital billboard faces the motorway where people gather in clustersA man wearing shades holds and leans his back on a gateA woman with a bowl of bottled drinks on her head stands outside the entrance of a long busA column of parked Molue buses by the roadsideA Molue long bus carrying passengersThe front of a closed shopA woman and others stand beside the low stairs of a pedestrian bridgeA woman peeps from behind a monitor surrounded by booksA woman peeps from behind a monitor surrounded by booksA tarred road between two fencesOutdoor shot of a girl with a backpack selecting peeled orangesBack shot of three women in matching native attiresOverhead shot of two men as they walk by a glass doorA long bus full of passengersPeople on a curving queue at a bus stopA man stands under the shade of a bus stopThree men apart alongside the road in front of a long fence guarding a high buildingA man bent over a billiard table about to playA standing woman shot from the shoulders downOverhead shot of a standing plump womanA topless young man stands alongside a raised bicycleA woman leans on a metal barricadeA man holds a phone connected to a plugged wireBilliard balls on a billiard table with two seated women close to itA puddle of water showing a person's shadowA man and a ram along a sidewalkPeople going in different directions alongside two parked Molue busesA boy bent in a runner's pose on the sandA boy set to kick a ball amidst other boys on a fieldSlants of sun rays through a window onto a fridgeOverhead shot of three men of which two hold papersOverhead shot of three men of which two hold papersParked Danfo busesA trailer and other vehicles on queue in trafficA robust man and woman are apart in the middle of the roadA long metal tank and a parked car by the roadsideA boy in front of a high building with a Samsung ad banner on one its wallsA man alonside a barricaded sidewalkAn ascending part of a pedestrian bridge captured against the skyA bus on motion and a man standing on the ledge between roadsPortrait of a man in front of a muralA young girl in uniform with a backpack walks by an aluminum fencePortrait of a man with a patch of sand on a part of his faceTwo boys in uniform walk by a parked carA man in front of a gate numbered 70A man ties ropes from two sheds onto a bamboo poleFocused shot on part of a banner showing a shoeThe lower torsos of two people holding carrier bagsPairs of feet wearing snickers A pair of legs on a skateboardA man sits on the edge of a boardless billiard tableA man sits with one leg folded and the other stretched forwardBack shot of three boys behind the barricade to a fieldA bus stop and few peopleBack shot of a boy facing a muralA spread of cloth on concrete floorA man in a walking posture along a fenceStacks of plates of tomatoes and bonnet pepper on displayTwo people push a car with their handsOutdoor shot of two men and other people along a sidewalkA hand and a billiard cue pointed at a ball on a billiard tableTwo No Parking signages along a gutter and a woman afarA row of standing socks clad feet beneath a metal sheetCables and silhouette of a bridge against a setting sunA sunny sky shaped by structures and a cluster of peopleA man mid air in a flipped position against the skyA man with arms spread out on the roof of a buildingA man gazes at a woman drinking from a plastic cup with her head thrown backOverhead shot of a man along a fenceA topless tattooed manBack head shot of a man along a fence and treesA man's head shot against a complex of shopsTattered interior of an old busShort poles erected on the shore and a ship on waterThree women in matching outfits at a junctionA cluster of men underneath umbrella shade in front of a shopOld tyres and pieces of wood in a shallow pool of waterA woman by a pool side and two people in the swimming poolOutdoor shot of parked cars and different people at a junctionTwo young girls and a man outside a food shopTwo young girls and a man outside a food shopThree parked unicyclesTwo women stand with backs to each other under a treeOverhead shot of people and opened umbrellas on a wet day A woman with a bundle of leaves on her head seen throught the interior of a Danfo busA man walks past a billboard along a fenceHalf torsos of two men at a billiard tableUpclose front of a Danfo bus and its number plateOverhead shot of roofs, cars and people from atop a pedestrian bridgeA blurry shot of a cluster of peopleA sloppy pile of rocks by the watersideReflections of people and a house in a puddle of waterReflections of people and a house in a puddle of waterBack shot of three standing menA wide shot of the lagoon bordered by buildingsA woman stands behind a display of tomatoes and pepperTwo plastic bottles containing liquid on the floor A mirror showing a man standing in front of itA person's hand pulls tightly on two pieces of ropeA man in a car has his eyes focused on a book on his lapA mast towers behind two high buildingsHalf shot of a shelf showing three rows of booksA woman carrying a big bag in a walking posture in front of a high buildingA bald man folds his arms across his chestA bald man folds his arms across his chestA man smoking a cigarrete sits high on the jutted part of a tree trunkA man smoking a cigarrete sits high on the jutted part of a tree trunkShot of a highway seen through a windscreenA woman sits by a rack of pamphlets under a bus stop shedWet multiple lanes of a highwayOverhead shot of people and wet multiple lanes of a highwayOutdoor shot of people near a polePortrait of a slender woman on Afro curls