Back of a woman walking alongside the pillars of a long bridgeOverhead shot of young men in a clusterTwo men captured from the chest down and a large rising smoke opposite themA boat in front of a tree with wide branchesTwo women surrounded by kitchen utensils doing kitchen duties beside a fenceA wide shot of winding bridgesA wide shot of winding bridgesA body of water enclosed by railings in a compound of trees and buildingsAbandoned canoes below a mound of plants and rocks on which two boys stand facing forwardFootprints and feet of women with beads on their anklesPortrait of a man with grey hair and a boy on long dreads, both wet, topless and smilingA sitting man holds the handle of a large umbrella, another man walks pastOutdoor shot of a walking woman's back covered by a long wrapper from head to feetA man whose face is shadowed holds a mic to his mouthA big see-through hole on a fence by the road sideBack shot of a sitting woman with wares and people walking by captured from chest downA focused shot of a bike's side mirror showing the half head of a man and a hand with a camera behindMen and women walking on a raised path guided by metal railingsA puddle on the floor and three pairs of walking feetEmpty lounge chairs under a tent at the beachFew people and empty lounge chairs under a tent at the beachA high building between two low onesTwo men stack huge plastic tubes over each other at the beachEmpty chairs and tables arranged in four chairs around each table in an open spaceLights and a stage with drummers and a performer captured from the backA duck's neck pointed to the floor behind a tree trunkAn upclose shot of a chilled glass of drinkA girl balances a tray of groudnut in bottles on a beachTwo sitting men with faces obscured and another man bent over with focus on a generatorThree men sit on a machinery behind a smoke-emitting truckA man hangs out his head and hand from inside a Danfo bus wearing a pouty smileA man hangs out his head and hand from inside a Danfo bus wearing a pouty smilePeople's silhouttes and a woman afar off by a lit wall looking into an open book An arm stretched into the frame of people by and in the seaPeople by the beach side, some in water and some standingA woman's back frame captured from the neck down with a tote bag hanging on her shoulderA punching bag and a man with face obscured and leg in mid air behind itA man sits with arms folded on a railing underneath a treeLateral portrait of a young man with rows of candy hanging round his neckA man balances a board containing sunshades on his headLateral shot of two people on a swing and other people seated on the grass in front of themA young man's portrait captured against the entrance to a bus and the skyBack shot of a sitting young man before a table of jugs and platesOverhead shot of a woman garbed in Hijab with a baby strapped to her backLateral shot of two men wearing face caps backward Lateral shot of a young man with a bag strapped to his back and another in his handsAn open sandy space with people and many erected bamboo polesMetal poles along the pedestrian space of two motorwaysA small open window with clothes hung on a line across itShot of a man's hand holding a gun facing downA slab culvert-covered gutter and shadows of two people on itBack shot of two persons descending wide staircasesThe top part of a clear cut rectangular building captured against the skyA man wearing face captured against the inner roof of a busOverhead shot of a woman with a large mound of dread hairA pedestrian walkway between two lanes of motorwayUpclose shot of a bare motorwayOutdoor shot of wares and people milling about. Clothes on hangers behind a metal net of an open windowA boy, girl and half frames of other people adjacent to a dark billowing smokeLarge puddles of water on the floor with people and vehicles on the other sideAn open wet ground of few litters and three pairs of feet along sideLateral shot of a young girl standing between two adult women whose faces are not shownHeadshot of a young wet boy wearing dreads Back shot of a man garbed in lace BubaUpclose shot of the back of a man's head showing the embroidery design on his outfitThree plastic cups and a spill on a dirty tableThe bare wet torso of a young man and droplets of water around him A twining tree with branches locked in a fenceBack shot of man's paint stained attire from chest downA man drinks from a bottle and another stands holding on to overhead metal pole in a long busOutdoor shot of short metal poles on a sidewalk and a man walking pastBack headshot a man, a camera shown in a side mirror and a long bus parked on the motorwayAn empty plastic cup on a slab among grassesFour parked cars and the back of a man leaning on the open passenger door of oneOverhead shot of an umbrella covering a person's form with face not shownA woman garbed in full Hijab with a baby strapped to her back captured from the neck downPeople standing in a long bus captured from the doors' glassOutdoor shot of a man sitting close to a raised statue of EyoA sitting man looking up with a thoughtful expressionA young person's hands hold on to a bigger armEmpty chairs under a shadeA hanging branch of a tree on a fence shades a girl's headShot of a man's hands behind the steering wheel through the glassLateral shot of a man sitting on cloth spread on grassThree crippled men on wheel seats raise their hands in the airTwo boys, one captured halfway are in the middle of a motorway in a running postureOutdoor shot of a woman carrying a crate of bottled drinks on her headKitchen utensils and a woman sitting under a tent Feet of two people, one wearing shoe and the other sandalOutdoor shot of a man in suit standing on the sidewalk beside the motorwayUpclose lateral shot of a gray haired headA woman garbed in Islamic attire holds a bag beside a fenceA mannequin, man and woman are in front of two fabric storesA mannequin, man and woman are in front of two fabric storesA man holds a phone high at an angle and looks at itA cluster of more women than men in casual clothesA woman with a scarf wrapped around her shoulders walks past an electric poleOutdoor shot of a man in suit standing on the sidewalk beside the motorwayA stretch of a tapolin fence beside a slab culvertBack shot of a man standing on the ledge of a Danfo bus side door Droplets and dash of water captured as a man pours water on himself with a crowd watchingPeople sitting in a busA wide shot of the lagoon with a canoe and ship far apart on itA man among a gathering of thrashA hand holds on to a tensionBack shot of two sitting men under a shade An umbrella shade covers the top part of a sitting manA hand holds a fishing net and ropeA man on dreads leans beside a big bulb and stares at a phone he holdsHigh shot of many people, footprints and few canoes at the watersideShot of a man taken from inside as he walks past a metal structure A man lays on his tummy on the sandTwo women are between shops containing bales of African fabricsA man and a discarded metal human form signal of men at work are beside a motorwayA pair of legs garbed in sneakersNight shot of a woman and a car at an intersection of the motorwayA smoky area and a person garbed in protective firefighting clothingTwo boys sit with backs opposite each other near a foggy placeA young boy crosses his arms diagonally across his chestAn array of twelve big kegs in a cartA man looks out from the window of a Molue busLateral portrait of a woman with a dull lookA man and woman smile and hug sidewaysBack shot of a person holding a baby sidewaysA man sits in a long bus and leans one hand on the poleTwo boys sit with backs opposite each other near a foggy placeTwo boys sit with backs opposite each other near a foggy placePeople's forms loitering in a foggy placeShoes and sandals arranged horizontally on the floorA man's hand holding a plastic cup and two forks to his chestLateral head shot of a man wearing glasses and a long busA school girl has a hand in a waving gesture towards another school girlBack shot of a tricycle and two children holding handsSome kitchen items and two girls seated on a benchBack shot of a man behind a crowdA young man stands flat against a metal pillarOverhead shot of closely parked carsCars parked in opposite rowsA man with his eyes closed garbed in priestly outfitBack shot of two seated men in police uniformsPortrait of a man in a fur cap looking away and other men behind himCanoes on dry landTwo pairs of feet inside shallow waterA smiling boy lies on his tummy on the sandOverhead shot of the back of a school girl and a carBack shot of a man beside a long busA young girl wears a boxing glove on one hand with other gloves laying at her feetFour tricycles far apart on a motorwayThe front part of the two top floors of a building and two people on the balcony of oneA wet tarred road with potholesSide of a man's head bent slightly forwardTwo men and a car before a round shaped three storey buildingA parked car beside two no parking signagesNight shot of cars parked in front a building lit insideBack shot of a person standing akimbo far opposite a seated coupleTwo women and two trays of groundnut outside the gate of a buildingA cluster of people inside water up to their chestsBack shots of four women garbed in flowy and long hijabsBack shots of five women in flowy and long hijabsA man stands in the shadows and stretches his arm out in front of a tall frameLateral shot of a woman leaning flat against a wall and a job ad poster on the wallHalf body of a sitting woman on the sand and a coconut husk drink before herAn undersized wooden door placed at a wide entranceLateral portrait of a man holding an equipment to his chestShot of a hand holding a cup and another a bottle opposite each otherA man with a wooden tray of watches and their parts sit outside a clothes storeA man behind people walking on a slab-covered culvertA hand holds a winded down vehicle window from insideA young boy holds his head with both hands with a cluster of people behind at the shore A young boy, men pulling out boats and many people behind at the shoreUpclose shot of a man's ear and napeTwo pairs of women's legs standing in front of clothing wares displayed on the floorTwo laughing women raise shots to each otherA cluster of more women than men in casual clothesOutdoor shot of a large woman crossing an unbusy motorwayA topless man looking down stands under a cloth tent at the beachThe side of a wooden bench shot diagonallyHead shots of two men, one smoking and looking towards a raised phone A plant behind a small windowNight shot of a man in an open space and a single light overhead focused on himA stack of socks balanced on a man's headA woman with a scarf wrapped around her shoulders walks past an electric poleA cloth tent on the beachA water surface reflecting shadows of peopleBack shot of seated people in a busFive young men lined horizontally and each raising a keg highA pair of hands with powder-stained knucklesBack shot of a woman attired in lace buba and scarfOutdoor shot of displayed wares in front of a tall buildingThe inside of a bus with people seated and a man at mid entranceAn empty chair and discarded satchets of alcoholLateral shot of a young man taking a smokeThe back of a woman to her knees in a skimpy beachwearA woman sits on her legs folded to the back on the sandA young boy stands with a row of traditional drumsOutdoor shot of a bike on one uncrowded road and a long queue of vehicles on another motorwayFaraway shot of the water and its shore with a sprinkling of peopleOutdoor shot of a biker attired in a leather jacketThe sea and its shore captured against the skySilhouette of a descending railing of the stairsA toddler stands with balloonsA man behind a standing mic and another with a trumpet in a lit placeUpclose shot of three overhead cables across a wooden poleOutdoor shot of an empty cart and the retreating back of a manTwo almond trees and discarded tyres beside a fenceTwo boys stand on a mound of large rocks opposite an uncompleted high buildingAn old man balances a bundle of umbrella scraps on his shoulder.A display of open umbrellas in front of a high building and an uncompleted buildingPeople seated under a cloth tent at the beachA square-shaped tall building reaching towards the skyUnoccupied lounge chairs on a sandy floorThe lower part of a bus captured beside a slab culvert-covered walkwayAn array of feet standing on a ledge by the motorwayA man sits in a tyreless tricycle and another man is outside itA man and a woman walk far apart beside a tapolin-covered fenceA man beside the railing of a bridgeTwo women framed by the half bodies of two peopleA metal structure and attached cables rising into the skyStacks of old tyresOverhead shot of a man carrying a bucket of water and the half frame of another manThe top of three measuring gauges inside a body of waterThe sea and a low tide captured against the skyA man balances a long carton wrap upright on his head at the seashoreThree men push a canoe toward the deep watersSilhouettes of people and a chair raised high before a lit areaA man in front of a mobile toiletTwo bulky books stacked togetherA group of people sit by the ledge of a high motorwayThree men are in muddy watersTwo women have their backs to each other at the base of the stairsFour people on stacks of water gauges and a ship close byA church banner on the bonnet of a carA man looking out in front a column of apartmentsThe lower torso of a man with open palms and pants stained with paintThe lower torso of a man with open palms and pants stained with paintThe lower torso of a man in a walking posturePortrait of a woman and a girl childOverhead shot of a woman walking between a puddle and drainage coverTwo pairs of legs stand on the seashoreA group of young men stand and sit on a ledge where there is bright lightingNight lateral shot of a petty store A person holds three empty bottles to their chestHeadshot of a man with a wrap of weed in one nostrilA sitting man leans wobbly on an aluminium fence fast asleepA man stands at the entrance of a bus on motionA man and woman walk alongside the seashoreA woman's manicured hand leans on a wooden poleFaraway shot of a man on rock moundsA man in his underwear near bundles of old mattressesA crowd of peopleA thick smoke in the sky over a long stretch of bridgeA cluster of people under a big umbrella beside parked busesTwo women on a pedestrian lane between two motor roadsA body of water bordered by large rocks and few pegsA man leans on the ledge of a high building looking downwardThe shadow of a man holding a camera beside a projectorA sprinkling of people out on the beachA shot of the sea against the sky and clusters of people out on the beachLateral shot of two young boys with the one behind carrying a sackTwo boys and a girl in a running postureA smiling man between two women close by outside a buildingA portrait shot of a woman taken against the inner roof of a vehicleA young man holds a bundle of packed popcorn with another bundle at his feetTwo men pulling out two boats with ropes on to the seashoreA man in a bent posture to the sideA can of drink and a row of empty plastic cups flipped overA long stretch of an overhead motorway and an inscription of a job adA man seated by the road with a cobbler basket polishing a footwearA man is in a gutter between slabs holding cablesA hand points a lit torch forwardA seated man in a police uniform leans sideways fast asleepA seated man in a police uniform leans sideways fast asleepBack shot of a woman in front of an altarShot of a seated man's lower torso with his hands resting atop his groinShot of the lower bodies of three people in a walking posturePeople milling about on the seashoreUpclose shot of a baby with a grip on the cloth of her carrierShot of a seated man's lower torso with his hands resting atop his groinBack shot of the lower body of a man about to step off a slab culvertA sprinkling of people atop and in front of a horizontal rock moundTwo women sit among big rocksOverhead shot of a car with its bonnet open Lower body of a man in shorts beside tree twigsA motorway of two lanes and vehiclesA man bent over a bike beside a long aluminium fencePlastic waste and sand against mounds of rocksA woman by the sidewalk bent over buckets and a long broomShot of the top of two buildings and satellites atop themThe back of a man by the waterside with a fishing netA man balances a long carton on his head behind a car on the motorwayA cluster of women with phones raised as if to take a selfieOutdoor shot of shadows and people milling aboutNight shot of people around a store lit from withinA foamy wave of water on the seashoreA man stands behind apart from another man with a kid on his shoulder at the beachA man stands with a motorcycle beside a motorwayOutdoor shot of silhouttes of a cluster of peopleA man walks beside the lower part of a bridgeHead shots of two men, one smoking and looking towards a raised phone Overhead shot of a man bent over a bucket of water and a hole framed by a tyre in the groundA woman's head obscuring two others under a bus stop shed opposite a bridge A man stands under a circle of light surrounded by darknessA man lays under a lit area of a covered floor in darkness The front part of a church buildingLower bodies of three women standing on a culvert mid roadA young man balances a wrapped bundle of leaves on his headA person sleeps beside a fence and two people are in front of a large tree beside the motorwayOverhead shot of people walking on a walkway secured by railings on each sideA man with his face obscured by smoke before a table of Suya and its accompanimentsA man seated and two people standing under a cloth shedA bucket on a staircase and a man on ground level beside the stairsOutdoor shot of a dark night with visible streetlights, a tricycle and a man's frameTwo pairs of footwear on the grass and the feet of two people on each otherA crowd of young men in a hallA person on a unicycleA person on a unicycleA cart containing scraps and a sack being pushed by a manBackshot of three men and two others out front on the beachPeople lined at the entrance to a long busA water tide and the shadows of two peopleThree pairs of feet stand apart behind two drums and a man's half frameA woman with hair accessories and turbaned mannequin heads on displayA metal basket of refreshment atop a Fan Ice cartOutdoor shot of the silhouettes of two people's heads behind a metal net and three other people around itThe underneath part of two high bridgesTwo men and a woman seated in different posturesNight shot of vehicles, headlights and a woman's frameThree people on unicycles A fish on a hook captured against the skyThree people in a wave of water up to thigh levelA boy child at thigh level of three taller adultsA column of three pews and a woman seated at the edge of each pewOverhead shot of cables and a walking man beneathA wide overhead shot of the city landscapeBack shot of a man with outstretched arms to the sideBack shots of young men with numbers and inscription of WAITER on their clothingOverhead shot of a woman walking on a metal drainage coverTwo pairs of feet on a walkA topless man seats on wet sand at the seashoreA man balances a crate of bottled water on his head behind vehiclesA slightly foamy surface of the seaThree people atop a stack of water gauges by the watersidePortrait of a woman and a girl childBackshot of three men and two others out front on the beachA plant behind a small windowA man lays on a worn out mattress on the floorFour men atop a worn out mattress on the floor