A wide shot of a long winding bridgeShot of  the sky, overhead cables and upper part of various buildingsAn upshot of a tree head and two men walking atop a bridgeAn unused and panelbeat car with a poster of electoral campaign on its bodyTwo women face each other laughing, one in a polo and the other in an armless topA wide shot of winding bridges above water and a motion picture billboardHeadshot of a boy looking away and resting against a placard inscribed: Africa MustA man focused on billiards board beside him against the backdrop of a whiteboard with Fela's picture and inscriptionsA shot of two men at a billiard game against a background of Fela's paintingBack shot of a woman framed by shrubs standing akimbo and leaning against a wallPortrait shot of a boy focused on a small phone with his other hand in his pocketBack shot of a little girl standing and holding on to thin tree trunks on either sideTwo girl children with scanty hair, one behind the otherA big globe unilluminated and a woman in Ankara behind it with a phone to her earA faraway shot of a bread hawker walking on the street taken from aboveTwo women with fishes displayed on the table before them, another pair of hands appear in the frameA focused shot on a woman on the street with a sleeve of her top askew holding a bag in her armpitA shot of two electoral posters on the wall and a boy beside hiding his face behind an electric poleThree women on stage in costumes appear to be singing behind three standing micsBack shot of a standing bald man focused on a newspaper, an array of newspapers and three other men seatedA wide shot of people's silhouettes on sand hills against a backdrop of the sun and skyTwo young boys with half face paintings are behind thin iron barricadesA BRT bus moving into a large puddle of water on the roadA parked tricycle in front of a street signpost, a man sitting in it and two schoolboys jogging pastThree men on different stairs of metal support at work on the upper part of a buildingPortrait shot of a man in a native attire on a phone callA young woman stands between two net curtainsBack shot of a man with his arm around a boy's shoulder walking alongside a big busFrom behind a metal net, two men sit against the wall, a man is walking in on the left while a man and woman on the rightAn older man in a work garb stands in front of a younger man seated on a parked bikeA man on a parked bike and a woman standing beside him appear to be conversating amidst other people going their wayA shot from below of straight and curved bridges above waterA shot from above of a walking man on the road framed by overhead cablesShot from above of a slender woman with phone to her ear standing in front of two big electoral campaign boardsNight shot of a man's silhouette seating on a bridge walkway above water with lit buildings far awayOverhead shot of the roof of houses with DStv dishes atop, cars and water tanksAn ascending shot of many spectators barricaded by low metal nets from the frontAn ascending shot of many spectators barricaded by low metal nets from the frontSide shot of a man garbed in Agbada and shades with a phone to his ear and cup of drink in the other handA man bends and obscures his face with a magazine that has Wole Soyinka as its front coverA small empty cart rests in front of an old houseBack shot of a sitting man in lace operating a laptopFour stretches of bridges and a man in a cleaning garb atop oneA sweeping shot of a wide road and two bridges overhead with Danfos and people on either sideA sitting man and an array of clocks hung and set to different timesAn umbrella stall of airtime and SIM cards, two women sit under it behind wares while another stands aside in frontShot of an empty highway and curving overhead bridgesA drainage cover in placeA man with headphones on staring hard at the stickers of a bird and tiger on the back windscreen of a DanfoTwo boys are outside the gate to a three storey buildingShot of a hand holding a spoon under a running tap into a small stainless bowlA cart containing kegs and the retreating back of a man carrying two kegs of water heading into the passage of a houseA man sits high on a billboard standSide portrait of a man wearing headphones plugged into a phone he holdsUpclose shot of a man with eyes closed garbed in a fraying lace Side headshot of a man in a shirt with a frayed collarShot of a man's hands holding a shiny embroidered clothHalf shot of the inside of an empty Danfo and a man out seen from the driver's sideBack shot of a man pointing a Danfo bus to a womanA packed place of people in a hall with a beam of light overhead A display of dancers in costume performingBack shot of three people standing at different angles facing pictures on the wallShot framed by an open window of a bus of a cluster of peopleBack shot of a man midway into the driver's seat of a Danfo busShot of a woman's hands as she pours water on a reclined head in a washbasinA standing woman makes hair for a seated girl in front of a poster of hairstyles on the wallShot of a man's hands crossed behind himA shot of electrical connections on poles against the skyCables connected haphazardly on a poleBack shot of two young girls holding hands Three people with a table of drinks before them watch a stage performanceAn old man in a cleric attire holds praying beads and bends on a corner culvertMen in an open space underneath the bridge and close to the lagoon push logs of woodA man wraps his arms around another man's torso tightly on a fieldA wide shot of buildings of various heights against the skyOverhead shot of a roof and a cluster of people below beside a parked Danfo busA man in sports gear stands at a goalpost while two men sit a bit far away behind itA man in a shirt holds a small phone to his mouthA woman holds a phone up with three blurred out people behindA woman stands in front of an open shop with stacks of broom beside herLateral shot of two men in a parked tricycle and a boy outside itSeveral overhead cables, poles and a KFC signage against the skyA boys wears a mock up crown and holds out a small phone through a widely spaced metal netShot of dried tree branches and a bird on one against the skyBack shot of an old bus with the inscription: Lagos Hosts the World on its windscreenFour youngs boys sit on the floor outside two gatesOverhead shot of two girls and rows of clothes on clotheslinesA blackboard rests idly by a wall in a backyard, displaying two-letter words in EnglishThree young men with knees deep in water try to lift a big of log of woodVehicles on queue on the highway alongside an overhead bridge and pedestriansA John Holt logo and an inscription of: I luv Fela on a wooden surfaceSilhouette of a man sitting in front of a pillar underneath the bridgeA woman is bent over polishing the shoes worn by a pair of a man's legsSide headshot of a man with three vertical facial marks on his templeA woman sits under a small umbrella and is surrounded by petty waresLateral headshot of a woman with face covered by rays and shadowsA man sits in a small building and two other people are outside itUpclose shot of a pair of hands fixing one of a pair of slippersA woman sits by the fence before a grill stand of plantain(boli)Outdoor shot of the half torso of a man guiding a bicycle and the back of another man Backshot of a woman with a baby strapped to her back sitting on a sidewalkShot of young boys under a bridge with puddles of water behind a round building afarShot of three columns and rows of windows of a high building Lateral portrait of a man with one outstretched arm garbed in a police uniformA man is seated in one of the empty Danfo buses parked in a column under an overhead bridgeA sweating man with a trumpet hung around his neck holds a standing mic tightly with his eyes closedA shot of earpieces and patch pocket of Ankara print against a plain fabric typeBackshot of a standing man between two Danfo buses beside the highway opposite a high building Shot of a man with a sachet of water hanging between his lipsShot taken from outside of a man seated in a wooden building writing in a bookA woman garbed in native Yoruba attire holds a phone to her ear and two mop sticks in the other handOverhead shot of a man seated under an umbrella with a glass case of watches behind himUpclose shot of a man holding a phone to his ear and the other hand on his headShot of a hazy waterside, the retreating back of a woman and two long bridges afar offOverhead shot of a pole with haphazard cable connections and a man walking belowShot of a large pool of water beside a fence and a two story building on the other sidePortrait shot of a boy against a Danfo busA young boy in front of blurry stacked planksOverhead shot of two men in the Islamic praying mode on a broken off portion of concrete floorA man sits on one of the many pillars surrounded by water under a bridgeHead shot of a boy child in a lace outfitA sweeping shot of vehicles on the highway all at a standstill and vendors amidst the rows of spacesA man has his eyes tightly shut as he blows into a trumpetA pair of legs stand before newspapers on displayOverhead shot of a rough neighborhood displaying roofs, people and utility itemsOutdoor shot of a man on a parked bicycle and another man standing beside him in front of an avenue signpostOutdoor shot of a woman holding a purse and the back of a man walking pastBackshot of a man pushing a cart of planks in the middle of the highwayOutdoor shot of parked cars and a large pool of water with a car's reflection on the waterFocused shot on the back of a man on whose shoulder a sleeping girl child rests her headA woman sits on the low fence of a filling station that appears desertedBack shots of people walking framed by a tree branchA man gathering a dirt pile with a rake in front of a fenceOverhead shot of a man and three parked cars around a flower hedgeA shot of a street signpost and stairs of a pedestrian bridge full of people behind itOutdoor shot of a man looking down at an array of newspapers.Overhead shot of cables and a young boy with an open backpack in a jumping postureOutdoor shot of school students and other people walking in different directionsA large pile of bound and unbound mattresses and two men lounging among themBack shot of five people of varying heights walking A man captured from the back with fingers intertwined around the headrest of the front seat of a Danfo busA man sits close to an array of magazines holding a newspaper and a young boy runs pastBoys and men sit on descending steps watching with worry and rapt attentionA wide shot of a figure riding a speed boat with trail of water foams behindA blurry shot of two children in a log yard carrying basketsShot a hand adorned with a ring holding a can of Star beerBack shot of the bare back of a man balancing weights on his shouldersTwo men sit on the sand, each behind a display of assorted candy on a bound plank A display of musical instruments, lighting and performers on stageA shot of two boys on water, one suspended mid air as in a tumble Street shot of a walking woman with a bag on each shoulderA woman in a walking posture carries a bucket in hand and a bowl on her head in a pool of waterShot of a man with fingers bunched wearing headphones and sitting laterally in an empty Danfo busFull view of a man seated laterally with fingers bunched in front of him in an empty busOutdoor shot of vendors and other peopleUpclose shot of the upper part of a man leaning on a bike shot halfwayA man stands in front of a fence with a writing of: Do not urinate hereFour people on the roof balcony of a high buildingA wide shot of the lagoon, reeds and the railing side of the bridgeA girl sits on a bucket before a bowl of wares on the sidewalk as people pass by