Lateral shot of a man smoking beside a metal staircase in a roomA woman's resting hands placed on each other adorned with rings and braceletsOverhead shot of cables, a Danfo bus full of people and a man in a walking position outside the busA wide shot of the seashore, swaying palm trees and buildings far away against the skyBack shot of two men in front two framed paintingsShot of people, camera men and a smoky beam of light overhead in a large hallUpclose shot of a man's greasy open palm raised high to obscure his faceA shot of a road direction sign to Apapa Bariga close to a man  Side shot of a woman against the wall in a clinging outfit holding up her chin with her handsShot of a sweaty man's upper torso in front of other menOverhead and night shot of vehicles and people scattered about on the motorway and side walkAn unfocused half headshot of a womanAn open palm pressed onto a mesh and the form of a man behind itAn infrastructure erected in the groundShot of three men leaning on a low gate, one of them has his head down on his folded armsA boy and a woman stand outside a shop among travelling boxes and bags on displayNight shot of parallel motorways with moving vehicles and the lateral side of a pedestrian bridgeOverhead night shot of three parallel motorways with moving vehicles in different directionsBack view of a low beach house surrounded with pegs as fence and a plastic chair in the frameA man holds out a mic in front of lights and musical instruments on a raised surfaceA man rests his hands on the balcony of the second tier of a building from the topTwo boys in uniform stand with parts of their faces behind a tree shadeOutdoor shot of a high building, streetlight, cables and wares displayed belowA man's midriff behind a spaced metal net and his hand holding a lit cigarette Shot of a woman's calves in a walking position beside a puddle of water on the roadShot of overhead cables, a pedestrian bridge and people's forms going in different directionsA hand holds a leg lifted high with foot pointed upOutdoor shot of a cluster of teenaged boysShot of the legs of boys all in long pants behind a low metal railing Shot of boys of varying heights in uniformsHeadshot of two women with mouths ajar behind a standing mic each Silhouette of a sitting man in the shadows and four people standing in the light close to himAn almost upturned table leans on a gate with inscriptions of a business centre's offersA street light and part of a skyscraper against the skySweeping shot of a railway between a grassy area and buildings with one person afar offShot of a woman's calves in a walking position beside a puddle of water on the roadShot of overhead cables, a pedestrian bridge and people's forms going in different directionsA hand holds a leg lifted high with foot pointed upA woman holds her raised leg against a wall and a man sits on the floor under her spread legs A woman standing against a wall raises one leg and arm, holding the raised leg with the other handShot of a topless man in a bended dance position on stage with people to his far sideA shot of plastic thrash and mounds of rocks beside a pile of sandShot of a girls legs outstretched on the floor with hands resting on her calvesOverhead shot of a woman garbed in a religious garment walking barefoot with a polythene bag on her headLateral shot of windows and air conditioner vents of a houseShot of part of a glass building with some open and shut windowsUpclose shot of clothes on a clothesline a boy farawayBack shot of young people with legs in dance position and a crowd opposite themA man stands akimbo and leans the other arm on a raised surfaceHead shot of a young man with two marks on an acne-scarred faceA young lady rests her elbow on a platform, waiting for someone or somethingAn upward sweeping shot of a man's statue in front of a high and towering building into the skyHead shot of a young boyA blurry far away shot of an electric tower and dots of light on the highwayFeet captured in a dance postureShot of legs and barefeet all standing to the same angleShot of four boys together in a stunt positionShot of girls and boys standing akimbo in different directionsPortrait shot of two boys, one on dread and the other on low cutLateral head shot of an old man wearing a capA woman stands with sacks and a raffia basket in front of a road indication sign of Ebute MettaA wide shot of people's silhouette walking on the bridge taken from belowShot of the pathway and parts of a houseOutdoor shot of a man's back carrying a loaded sack on his headSide shot of a sweaty man with a bare torso and protuded veins lifting weightsShot of a man's half face, the half shoulder of another and torso of the third manOverhead shot of a man sitting on a bikeAn open shop containing daily needs and the half back of a man sitting in itA young man leans on an old part of the trainYoung men attired in costumes are in a flight position as in a dance performanceOutdoor portrait shot focused on two men and a fair woman holding a cigarette Lateral shot of a man's frame and a fair woman adjacent to him holding up a cigarette Shot of a foot in sneakers placed on a speaker on stage and several women's hands touching itA shot of a large crowd and lightsA spread of soapy water with suds on the motorway with people standing on and around itLateral shot of a boy's half frame with his mouth on a flute before a standing micA man and a woman in a matching pose of a slightly raised leg and a hand against the wallA man sits laterally and a woman stands tiptoed facing the wall with hands raised and crossedA man and woman stand slightly bent with hands against the wall and toes pointed towards the floorOutdoor shot of a man with a phone to his ear and his other hand writing by a sidewalkTwo pairs of standing legs with one leg each extended forward and toes pointed downwardsLateral shot of a woman with a handbag leaning against the railing of a balconyBack shot of a boy with a backpack leaning one hand on the large trunk of a treeA man's fleshy bare back as he holds on to a metal rod on his shouldersFour boys in uniform heading and their reflections in a large puddle of water before themClothes hung on  a line beside a fenceA woman leans on a low gate stretching out her hands which blocks some of her faceShot of girls in school uniforms underneath a treeShot of girls' legs with their feet in socks and sandalsA night shot of vehicles and headlights on the motorwayBack shot of a woman with a baby strapped to her back under a big umbrella Side portrait of a womanUpclose shot of man carrying a big long sack on his headLateral shot of a standing young man in a slouched posture behind a metal see-through gate Upclose shot of a man with eyes closed cupping a mic with both hands to his mouthUpclose head shot of a boy with two facial marksUpclose shot of two hands resting atop the other with a lit cigarette between two fingersMany feet walking on a raised wooden surfaceA hand laid on the floor with palm facing the floorThe sole of a foot faces upward behind a palm pressed to the floorA shot of two men and another hand blowing trumpetsA shot of a foggy underbridge full of logs floating on waterA shot of a foggy underbridge full of logs floating on waterTwo boys walk on the sea shore with long planks on the head, the other on the shoulderA puddle of water showing a standing person's reflectionA half-gloved hand A blurred out man in glasses stretches out his handsBack shot of a woman's head with her hands raised in opposite curves of a heart shapeA shot of the top half part of a bridge above water, vehicles and a man beside the railingsPerformers in an open space with one suspended mid air in a tumble positionA shot of a buildings and people close to a heavily littered underbridgeLateral shot of an old man leaning on one of the guides of a pathwayYoung boys all in uniforms pose in different stylesNight shot of two women in an open space making pounded yam in a mortar and one holding the pestleLateral shot of the half part of a fire service vehicleAn upward upclose shot of an electric towerShot from below of part of an electric tower illuminated Upclose shot of a man asleep on a wooden surfaceShot of people's side silhouettes below four round lightsGirls' feet standing and garbed in socks and sandalsBack shot of a woman sitting on the side of a path holding a childOverhead shot of cables, a man walking and front part of a Danfo busSide portrait of a man against the bridge faraway and water containing floating logsNight shot of people in an illuminated space outside a buildingNight shot of a sidewalk, people and vehiclesA shot of two people ascending the stairs of a pedestrian bridge against the skyShot of a water body with floating logs under a bridge in a foggy environmentUpclose shot of underneath the bridge full of water and logs in a foggy spaceFeet standing on an old tiled floorOne of a pair of shoes on a sandy seashoreShot of a boat on a large water body framed by leafy branchesShot of two men on stage, one to the side and the other standing with his hands on drumsUpclose shot of a musical instrumentShot of a pair of legs bound separately with sack standing with a shovel on wet mixed concreteClothes spread on clotheslinelines held together by poles erected on rail tracksA boy in a bending position on the floor with slants of sun rays across his backA wide shot of suburb roofs and buildingsUpclose shot of a man's face and hand as he pours water from a bowl onto his faceThree pairs of crossed legs with soles facing out on the floor Students in uniforms all on low cut standing beneath a treeSilhouettes of two people sitting behind a windowA standing man holds a mic to his mouth with lights behind himA wide shot of the top part of a bridge and a man beside the railingLarge pillars of a bridge and water floating with thrash and logs beneath themPeople watch a man playing a flute, a tumbler and other performers in an open spaceOverhead night shot of Suya displayed on a lit tabletop and people surrounding itShot of someone on all fours and another sitting across their back